Hi, my name is Sander Pappot a.k.a. Zender, a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and painter based in Amsterdam.
I have a broad range of styles and techniques that led me to work with a large variety of clients, ranging from music-related organisations to corporate clients.
Lately, I have been painting a lot of traditional signs and doing so I met some friends with whom I now share a studio. Together we founded The Amsterdam Signpainters collective, with a mission to keep the traditional craft alive. I'm represented by Artbox art agency, located in Amsterdam, If you would like to drink some coffee, discuss a project / potential freelance work or collaboration, please get in touch!
At the age of thirteen, Zender started off as a graffiti artist, but as time passed, he began developing his skills and got numerous commercial, illustration- and paint jobs. In 1999 he spray-painted the Singel Studio together with Dutch graffiti artist Delta, with whom he got involved in a group exhibition called Post Graffiti. This Exhibition helped him gain a lot of public attention at a young age. During this period Zender decided to learn more about graphic design and went to the United States, where he worked as a trainee at a small design studio. Back in Amsterdam, Nightclub Mazzo commissioned him to paint the walls of their nightclub. Zender asked an old friend (Christiaan Dros) to help him out. The exhibition became a success, so they decided to start up our their illustration company and called it: "Zender & Chaos". In this period they produced an enormous amount of paintings and backdrops, painted coffee shops and nightclubs and produced many illustrations for a Dutch art agency called Shop Around.

After five years working together, the company closed, and Zender started working as a freelance graphic designer. The first two years he was mainly hired by Semtex design (part of Boomerang) which gave him further insight into the graphics industry. Not long after that, he found a new partner: Danny Merk, which whom he founded: KGB Amsterdam (the Kreatif Grafik Buro) in 2005. After nine years, KGB also shut its doors, and Zender has been working as a freelance graphic designer since. Lately, Zender works a lot with his Signpainters collective and his old partner Christiaan Dros, with whom he once started his first company Zender & Chaos.
Besides his day job, Zender also works as a DJ and organises various events. His first event organisation was called The Rendezvous, the name he also used for his art/music happenings. Later more collaborations followed, and different names were used. Amongst others, Zender organised 14 editions of the infamous Nachtspelen event and still holds the annual Costa del Soul festival together with Blijburg.

1994 "Seymore likely sprays" - Jan Jonker Gallery / Amsterdam (Zender)
1995 "Benefit for Bosnia" - Cafe 't Schuim / Amsterdam (72 different artists)
1995 "Post Graffiti" - Total Art Gallery / Amsterdam (Angel, Delta, Shoe, Zender)
1995 "Zender & Chaos" - Mazzo Nightclub / Amsterdam (Chaos, Zender)
1997 "Total Art Fair" - Turfschip / Breda (Chaos, Delta, Kobalt60, Zedz, Zender)
1998 "Pop in Beeld" - Noord Brabants Museum / Den Bosh (many different artists)
1998 "Stripdagen" - Haarlem (Chaos, Zender)
1999 Worked for Semtex Design (Boomerang) Jan 1999 - Jan 2002 -
2000 "Cozmik" - Fietsfabriek / Haarlem (Shamrock,
 Subalpin, Self-inflicted, Zender)
2001 "Drum Expo" - Westergasfabriek - Cafe de Duivel / Amsterdam (Zedz, Oase, Zender)
2001 "In Holland 
staat een piece" - Go Gallery / Amsterdam (many different artists)
2003 Founded "The
Rendez Vous" - event organisation
2003 "Random" - Group exhibition - Go Gallery / Amsterdam (Think Again, London Police, Out of order,
2003 "Openhavenfestival" - Amsterdam (The London Police, Zender)
2003 "Art in the Streets" -
Hoofdorp (Cosh, Dubs, Jerk, Zender)
2003 "Zender Industries Expo" - Nightclub Panama / Amsterdam
2004 "The Appelsap experience" - Hotel Arena / Amsterdam (Brush, Zender)
2004 "YIP" - Young in Prison - Paradiso / Amsterdam (many different artists)
2004 "Street Expo" - Wolvenstraat / Amsterdam (Zedz, Zender)
2004 "Bacardi Bat beats" Las Palma's / Rotterdam (Zedz, D-Virus, Dubs, DHM, Zender)
2004 Teaching at the Junior Academy for Art direction, Visualising
2005 Founded "KGB" - Kreativ
Graphik Buro - with Danny Merk
2005 Founded Costa del Soul festival.
2005 Teaching at the Junior Academy for Art direction, Visualising
2005 "YIP" - Young in Prison - Odeon / Amsterdam (many different artists)
2005 "Pink-Pop" - Heineken - (many different artists)
2007 Founded "Olympique" - event organisation
2007 "Streetlab" I curated a big street art event with among others: Akita Mata (Us), B-free (Nl), Chido Johnson (Us), Chu - Doma Collective (Ar), Claudia Tattoo (Ch), Conor Cronin (Ir), Eat Shit (Us), Eric Staller (Us), Fake (Fr), Flying Fortress (De), Fons Gidon (Nl), Galo (It), Hanazuki (Nl), Klub 7 (De), Leo Espinosa (Us), London Police (Uk), Mark Verhagen (Nl), Miss Van (Fr), Monsters World (De), Moze (Es), Mr.jago (Uk), No New Enemies (B), Peskimo (Uk), Pete Fowler (Uk), Pipslab: Kees (Nl), Rinzen Collective (De), Sam 3 (Es), Sauer Kids (Nl), Slug Nation (Uk), Sonik (Us),
Veenom (Fr), Why Style (It / Nl), Will Barras (Uk), Zedz (Nl), Zender
2009 KGB presentation during the Adobe User Group XL, Amsterdam
2009 "Vulpes sus Frater" Group exhibition (Wayne Horse,
 Sitnie, Raymond Lemstra, SjocoSjon, Lennard Schuurmans, Two Things, Joe Holbrook, Zender)
2009 "Mystery Repeats" First music video for Pete Philly & Perquisite (2.6 million hits on YouTube)
2009 "Dj Broadcast Re-Cover" Group Exhibition - Sid Lee collective - Stefan Glerum, Pieter Frank de Jong,
 Supersilo, Machine, Shoe, 310K, Marjolein Caljouw, Zender, Snar, Maslow, DarkRaum, Ceizer, Saskia Haex, Raphael Bartels, Linda van der Vleuten, and kRiSs cRéoL.
2011 "Art as Money Festival" (Ottograph, Vage Gasten, Dadara, Zender)
2011 "Secret Wars" European competition London, UK - 1st prize (Wayne Horse, SjocoSjon, Lennard Schuurmans, London Police, Joe Holbrook, Zender)
2012 "System 1.0" first solo expo, Vriend van Bavink gallery, Amsterdam
2012 "Comma Festival" -Group Expo - Perugia, Italy (Andrea Di Cesare, Ephameron, Joe Franceschi (Why Style), Lok Jansen,
 Morcky, Pane (Why Style), Rocco Pezzella, San, Lennard Schuurmans & Niels Shoe Meulman)
2012 "Eat, Street, Breath Art" Group Expo - Rotterdam
2012 Publication of Los Logos by Gestalten.
2013 "Eat, Street, Breath Art" Group Expo - Rotterdam (Among others: Darrin Umboh (
Leyp), Lucky Dubz, TelmoMiel, Venour, Daan Botlek, Zender)
2013 Event organisation Nachtspelen ended.
2014 "City of Dreams" group expo - Deventer (
Joren Joshua, Leon Ter Maat, Corkville, P. Winkel, Roelie Vuitton, Eelco van Den Berg, Kiki Peeters, Freshco, Zender)
Heartvertising (Koroko), Group Expo, Hutspot Amsterdam (Zeptonn, John Beckers, Tom Bogman, Bob Leguijt, Lot Madeleine, Darrin Umboh, Mark verhaagen)
2014 Ended "KGB" - Kreativ
Graphik Buro - with Danny Merk
2014 "Urban Art Festival" Group Expo OT301, Amsterdam
2014 "Schertsvertoning" Group Expo, Opperclaes, Rotterdam
2014 "Clash Wall" Converse group expo with Zedz, TelmoMiel & Sober Industries, Amsterdam
2014 "Picture This" Group expo Dampkring Gallery, Amsterdam
2015 Guest speaker School of House 2 x
2016 "Adobe Create Now" Portfolio presentation, Amsterdam
2016 Guest speaker School of House, Amsterdam
2016 "Joby Carter's abnormal Letterhead meet" with the Amsterdam
Signpainters, Maidenhead UK
2016 "Letterhead meet 2016" organised with the Amsterdam
Signpainters, Volkshotel, Heineken Brewery, Krux in Amsterdam
2016 "Adobe Creative Meetup" workshop with the Amsterdam Signpainters
2016 "Digitale
werkplek" My first masterclass for Wacom, ALM Antwerpen
2017 "Grande Finale."  Go Gallery group expo
2017 "Art on Paper" group expo Dampkring Gallery
2017 "ASA (Amsterdam Street Art) group expo with ADE Beats Amsterdam
2017 "Letterheads 2017, Designers Meet Sign Painters" Oslo, Norway