On the 8th of November 2012 me and eleven other artist were locked up in Ahoy, as an opening act for the Art and Living fair in Rotterdam. After 24 hours of painting the walls were all covered and The "Eat, Street, Breath Art" expo was opened for public. The theme we had to work with was: 24 hrs. in the head of an artist". The styles were very diverse and the artists that collaborated were: Lucky Dubz, Robert RostLennaert koorman, Venour, Pinwin (Lastplak), Codex Inferno, Leyp, Baschz, Felix Spanjaard en the organizer of this event: Tymon Ferenc (Me like painting)

The paint was sponsored by Liquitex
My piece: acrylics combined with spraypaint.

On the 9th of may 2013 i was asked to be part of the Eat Street Breathe Art Expo in Rotterdam. This time we just had to make a painting, this was mine 100 x 100 cm, Acrylics on wood panel... Title: High Fidelity

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