This illustration was for Liger, a Tshirt brand that only makes limited edition prints. This design was part of a series shirts done by different artists with a movie theme. I chose a blaxploitation movie Gang Wars (1976) a.k.a. The Devils Express that appealed to me and did my take on its film poster. Buy here!
The image below was painted for a group expo Framed Beats during the Amsterdam Dance Event, The exhibition was held at the 5&33 Gallery in the Art'otel in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) curated the expo and chose 'Beats' as subject matter. This work was called 'living in the ghetto'. Credits: Christiaan Dros
This illustration was also part of a group expo: Art on paper. The expo was held at the OD gallery in Amsterdam.
This picture I drew for my friend Sjoco Sjon, who as a member of the Mokum suicide squad is still alive! p.s. Mokum stands for Amsterdam.
For Amnesty International, we painted this mural during the Zwarte Cross festival 2017
The project was made to create awareness for prisoners being detained for no legitimate reason or without legal process. The sentence above our work says 'What would you do if you were released from prison'. Credits: Amsterdam Signpainters
This adjusted construction shack below was painted for Minibrew, the company that hired us before to create their corporate identity as well. Credits: Christiaan Dros en Jeroen Koning.

This illustration job was created for Roest Amsterdam and was used to showcase various ideas for a corporate event inquiry by Baker Tilly Berk, a full-service accounting and advisory firm. Credits: Christiaan Dros.
Panel painted at the Abnormal letterhead meet at Joby Carter in the Uk, see video below.
The design below is for Paradiso, one of Netherlands oldest music venues located in Amsterdam. They celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and asked 50 artists to create designs that are going to be silkscreen printed in 3 colours each. This poster is our entry. Credits: Christiaan Dros.
These painted wood logs were commisioned by a private collector from Canada. The logos are all local Canadian logo's that had special meaning for my client.
Private commision.
Panels CNC routed for Bosco restaurant in addition to the work I had already done there.
The Rhino was painted for 'Heroes' a Pop Art exhibition at the Go Gallery and was part of an installation by Hero Bonardi aka Hero De Janeiro. Now only six months later the last Northern white rhino has already extinct.
With the introduction of the new Microsoft surface Studio Pro, I was asked to feature in their new commercial. The commercial was focused on the Dutch market but is also translated for other countries. The wall below was painted together with San Proper as part of this Microsoft commercial, which is also starring my son Max and my partner Christiaan Dros The video was created by The Story Lab.

This mural was painted by Christiaan Dros and me at the Costa del Soul stage at the Zeezout festival 2017.
The tribute piece below was made after the sad news my old school graffiti friend Math had passed away. At the same time, my studio mates from the Amsterdam Signpainters were also in Oslo during the 'Designers meet sign painters letterhead meet', and we did some extra murals while we were there. Credits Math piece: Jasper Andries.
Back in Amsterdam, I painted this wall with my friend Serch.

And finally, my old graffiti crew (Nes crew) and I painted another tribute wall.
We picked a few of his pieces that our friend Math painted during his lifetime and repainted them on the wall. We arranged them as pictures in one of his many black books as seen from above on his living room table. Below you can see his actual pieces. Credits: Serch, Sezar, Bel, Herz, Azhq and the Amsterdam Signpainters.

Below Math his original pieces.

Math on the right side.
Math 1974 - 2017

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