Above you can see my first piece, I guess I was about 10 years old, so this must have been somewhere in 1984. without Graffiti i would have probably never started drawing. A lot of the work I make today is heavily influenced by my past as graffiti writer. Enjoy some of my oldskool work... most is done around 1995...
Grafitti Jam, NEtherlands 2014
Voltt Festival 2014
Crucius Gilde Amsterdam, Fake Subway! 2014
Maastricht 2013
Roest - Amsterdam 2013
Voltt Festival 2013
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Blijburg collaboration: Zender, Yvo Sprey, Joe Holbrook, Dan Sapunar, Mashville: Dr Jay & Ski 2013
A piece for a group expo in "De Meerse" Gallery.
My biggest work 11 x 40 meter together with Delta.
A commercial job for Drum, a Dutch tobacco brand.
Big Mural for ZDF television, together with Loomit
Grafitti for a clubnight with dj Real el Canario for Chemistry
Grafitti with old shool legend Quick...
With my old partner Chaos.
Rimini Italy, together with my big hero: Mode 2 - 1994
A piece done for a graffiti Jam in Copenhagen called SUBKULT...
Commercial job....
A commercial job in the Hague. Together with D-Virus...
A commercial job for radio 3FM
Rooftop together with Yalt - 1995
NYC, when you would turn left the twin towers were still standing...
Newyork mural together with Yalt & Zedz.
Another piece together with Zedz at South 8th street in the Brooklyn...
For a while i lived down in Idaho - USA. These were my skate buddies...

More random projects

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