All nighter Boris Werner - Studio 80 - 2014
All nighter Boris Werner - Studio 80 - 2013
All nighter Boris Werner - Studio 80 - 2011
Wallpainting for an event i hosted called Streetlab. you can find more pictures here
LIVE Painting for Ubuntu Theater, a Non Profit Organisation that empowers street children all around the world through theatre, music and art. This piece was auctioned on a event held 13 feb 2011 and was painted in less than 3 hours.. Visit there website here
A remix of the work above, 3 years later for a live painting session that was held for Grolsch it's 400th birthday event. The work won the 3rd price in the contest of 400 artists! ; )
Fluorecent paintings for Club Mazzo, long time ago... Together with Chaos.
Record Sleeves for Djax Breakbeats series
Customized case for a computer. Cast porcelain.
Month program poster for club Bitterzoet.
This drawing was for the open source project "Do it - Play it" Boomerang postcards created for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (18 nov 2010). I had to Remix a work from Frank Burghout (Voutloos) and i got remixed by Danny Merk. The result was a 10 minute metamorphose by 64 artists. Visit the site here

More random projects

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