Various designs from the last 4 months.
Some of the designs were rejected, but most were used by various clients.
Campaign image for a Hardcore Techno party: Ground Zero, Client: UDC
Birthcard for my friends: Roos and Brian!
Various T-Shirt designs for Amsterdam's T-Shirt label: Penose
Flyer for a warehouse party "Los in de Loods"
Logo design and illustrations for Springbay with Christiaan Dros
Sandwich boards for Springbay, a premium cocktail juice for fusion and mixing by Welovehomemade. Painted together with The Amsterdam Signpainters
 Family Crest for client that wanted a modern crest with a classic flair.
Various logo's for Marqt. All images re-painted by The Amsterdam Signpainters
Travel Treassures logo for an online Schiphol promotion campaign. (Client Schiphol Timm & Pimm)
Various Rejected proposals for the new Dance Valley 2016 edition.
Logo proposals for Beastie Nights, the new name for Ex Pornstar, a Dutch club event and organisation.
New logo for BAAS Amsterdam, a creative PR Agency.
Party at Dok Amsterdam
Newyears Party at Dok Amsterdam
Logo's for a club event and record label by Click events.
Live drawing session at the Cruqiusgilde
My birthday party at Terpentijn!
Below various Logo Proposals for the new recordlabel of Amsterdam's finest dj and producer Olivier Boogie!

More random projects

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