Our latest job for a new bowling alley in Amsterdam that just opened its doors. The old company had quite a boring look and feel, so when some of our friends took over the place they wanted a complete makeover.
To get everybody in the right mood the choice was made to turn the place into a Hawaiian retreat with a strong tiki vibe: Aloha! On top of that, they put in a good restaurant and try to have a non-house music policy. So think of Elvis, Rockabilly, and some Exotica music playing over the speakers while you sip on your ice-cold cocktail!
We created the logo, a set of illustrations, the menu's some signing, painted the outside pillars into bamboo, and last but not least created two mega wallpapers of a tropical island, both 30 meters wide and 3 meters high! So come and throw some strikes, have some drinks and imagine yourself sitting on a nice island. Cheers!

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