Last May I participated in a group show for Converse: CLASH WALL.
The event took place in a classic five-floor canal house in the centre of Amsterdam.

Our task: "To transform the entire interior of a five-floor canal house into one immense rendition".
The art initiative enlisted eight Dutch artists: Karski, Does, Onno Poiesz, Rutger Termohlen, Sober Industries, Telmo & Miel, Zedz and me.
The house was only open to the public for three days, beginning on May 2 and ending May 4.
I choose to create a facade of an imaginary paint shop, that I decorated with a bunch of signs.
Thanks to Roebuust for helping me build this!
The result! (click to enlarge)
Before / After
Zender's "COVER-ALL" formula!
The guestbook table
My son Max, signing the guestbook!
The only product of any use in the paintshop: digital brushes!

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