I just finished with the design for this mega feel-good project. With a whole team of designers, animators, augmented reality specialists, website builders, and content makers, we created; feelgoodvuurwerk.

These are augmented reality fireworks that can you light up during the new year. Because there is a ban on fireworks in the Netherlands, this was the only legal way. All proceeds went to the sheltersuit foundation, an interest group that makes warm clothing for the homeless. An amount of €31.000.- was raised!

I designed the logo, the website, and some props for a pop-up store that was created. In addition, I created the 'Friendly Fire,' one of the AR packages. Frank Burghout helped me with the social media content. Other AR packages were made by Our Machine, Tom de Regt, Nouch, and Voutloos
Danny Merk created the AR animations together with the team of Alt 8

Feelgood Vuurwerk is an initiative of  Wink Agency, Better Together & The X agency in collaboration with Gemeente Amsterdam, Massive Music, Amsterdam Toren, Buutvrij, Baas, and many others!

Visit the website here: www.feelgoodvuurwerk.nl

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