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I would like to invite you to the Amsterdam Letterhead Meet 2016. (from the 26th till the 28th of August 2016) My team, The Amsterdam Signpainters and me are honoured to organize this annual meeting of sign painters from all over the world. For the first time in history this event will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (At the Volkshotel). We have just launched the new website, be sure to get your tickets now: Check out the website here
Here you find some more history about the Letterheads,
and be sure to check out this movie to see what sign painting is all about!
Hope to see you all there!
Handpainted Installation for the new Converse office in Hilversum, Netherlands
Handpainted comission fo Dj The Prophet, Original design by Machine
Logo / type studies
Final Artwork Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt 2015 (collaboration with Christiaan Dros)
Flyer for my own beachparty!
Blackbook session
Rejected proposal Defcon Chile 2015 (Collaboration with Christiaan Dros)
Silkscreened Menu's for Blijburg aan Zee (in collaboration with Mr Adam)
rejected Logo treatment proposals for Disney Channel
Approved logo treatment for Disney Channel (Collaboration with Woodwork)
Birth Announcement Card
Some logo proposals for world's first solar powered solarium; The Green Browner. (by Steven de Peven, Bart Eysink Smeets en Meeus van Dis)
Logo Proposals for Phoenix Vinyl record label
I was asked to create the corporate identity for 'Clear Label', a cold pressed juice brand from Amsterdam. Above the final logo and below the various studies that decided us to keep a minimalist approach for their bottles.
Icon study
Type study
Various label designs.
The final 'minimalistic' design of their product. ingredients are mentioned on the back.
Logo Proposals for Chicago Legacy, a dance night with it's focus on... you guessed it; Chicago House music! Top logo was chosen...
The Westerunie (a massive nightclub) asked me to create a new visual / corporate identity. Their building is a very nostalgic old factory building in Amsterdam so for the logo I choose Ramiro Espinoza's Kurversbrug font, It truly represents Amsterdam because the type used and still does decorate all the Amsterdam bridges. Next to that Maarten van Cleef made some beautifull shots of the interior that we used as the backdrop for the posters and flyers.

More random projects

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