New work I created for various clients during the last few months.

For the Carnivore bar & smoked BBQ restaurant, I created the logo. Then my studio colleagues from The Amsterdam Signpainters gold gilded the logo on the windows.
Below the new artwork for the annual Gin Festival, that has now expanded to the three major Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.
A stand alone edition was held in Groningen with a different name.

For The Amsterdam Cocktail week, we developed their assets and a deck of 90 cocktail cards for all the bars that were part of the event. Each bar had one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic card to display their signature cocktails. Credits: Christiaan Dros

Meet Hoppy dragon, a new beer by Minibrew, a beer company that is selling automatic beer brewing machines. We created this gold foil label for a beer that was brewed for a special occasion. Credits: Christiaan Dros

Rejected proposal for Heineken 'Coolbag' advertisement. Agent: Artbox

I helped out on a campaign for IJburg (Amsterdam district). The campaign focuses on creating awareness for the residents of IJburg to help out with costs of the national feasts.
For the Eigen Regie Compagnie, I designed the new Logo and business cards, Above the final approved logo, below the various logo studies.
And the business cards:

For the Red Bull BC One world final 2017 that was held in Amsterdam I helped out with the look and feel and designed their logo.
Red Bull BC One is an annual international B-Boy competition, notable for being the only one of the major international breaking championships to not include a crew event. The main event is a knockout tournament featuring sixteen B-Boys, chosen for exceptional skills in the dance and good character, competing in one-on-one battles decided by a panel of five judges. Regional Finals are held for North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. The winners of each region go on and participate in the World Finals.
Below a few samples of the work I created. Credits Rogier Reiger Agency Artbox

Rejected concept sketches for a big international indoor jumping hall. Credits: Christiaan Dros Agent: Artbox 

For the MBO College Zuid, I was asked to create various assets for a hip-hop talent show.

This gold foil logo was created for fashion designer Lhana Marlet. In the box were two earrings.

For Beaker online marketing agency for music and events, we created their corporate identity. Below the mood boards and the final logo.

The final designs that were chosen:

For Internet design firm Lama Lama, we designed their new logo and some rejected icons.
The visual direction they wanted was a handwritten, non-computer style. Credits: Alex Klerk and Christiaan Dros

For Leo Burnett / Publicis One we created a map and logo for a campaign they developed for FNV/Menzis (health insurance). On the map of this festival, young people can claim their place. If the name of the player was connected to the winning spot, he/she won two festival tickets. During and after playing the game, young people were pointed out in various ways to the risks of hearing damage. Credits: Christiaan Dros Agent: Artbox

I was asked to create a logo and find an accompanying typeface for Kuuliza, an online brand that makes Spotify playlists and fills them with the latest exotic tunes. Below some quick sketches and proposals.

Invitation to a professional baby shower with silent disco! Credits Jeroen Koning

For Stichting NDSM I created this image, they wanted the nostalgic look of the vintage postcards combined with the landmarks of this old shipyard.

For our own DJ collective "Old boys on vinyl" I designed this flyer and Facebook header. The event will be held after DGTL, a big dance festival on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam. Because we all grew up with turntables the name Analog had a nice contrast to DGTL and because our roots lay in old school house music, I tried to copy the same atmosphere as the old school house flyers we had in Amsterdam around 1990, Xerox, analog!

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