Together with the guys at Woodwork I helped out creating four online videos for Vodafone.
My part was illustrating the environment (houses, rockets etc) and helping out with the character design.
Ultimately, you would want a carefree mobile life. Vodafone picked up on the reasoning behind this view and in collaboration with creative agency Achtung, and Woodwork. The main purpose for Vodafone is expressing how carefree a mobile life can be by having the fastest internet, a helpdesk service which is available 24/7 a day and giving customers financial opportunities.
With this in mind, we designed in 2D using geometrical shapes and figures. The design and animation of the main character aim to address the target group and therefore, expression is an important focus. Lots of attention to small details such as the buildings in the smartphone upgrade video, the videogame in vodafone 4G, the extras on the beach in the flexible data video and the neighbours in the 24/7 helpdesk video.

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